Kim C. Christensen                                                              
Certified Financial Planner    
Registered Investment Adviser        
Registered Investment Advisor
Most of us think and dream about the day when we can get up one morning and choose not to go to work anymore, if we do not want to go.  That is true financial independence.  That is one of the major goals of financial planning.

Unfortunately, most people spend more time planning their next vacation than to do planning for their financial security and independence.  That includes investment decisions for things as basic as what to do with contriubtions made to 401(K) plans.

Part of a financial plan will include determining what it is going to take to be financially independent at an age you choose.  Or, determining what that age will be based on what you are able to do in planning for your retirement.

Besides the planning, we also evaluate retirement plan contributions, investment options, defined benfit plans, IRA's, and can put together tax-advantaged strategies if you are self-employed or a business owner.  If you are a business owner and already have a plan in place, we can evaluate it to make sure it is as cost-efficient as possible, and offers good investment options for you and your employees.
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