Kim C. Christensen                                                              
Certified Financial Planner    
Registered Investment Adviser        
Registered Investment Advisor
Long Term Care Insurance
If you have ever had to care for an aged or disabled loved one, you know how challenging it can be, both financially and emotionally.  Money cannot buy happiness, but it can certainly help to provide resources to assist people in this situation, both on the receiving and giving side.

There are only a limited number of resources to provide care for people who are not able to do everything they need to care for themselves, either because of disability, or cognitive issues like dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.  They include a loved one (spouses are the most common caregivers), or getting care from a provider.  Providers are paid by either using your own savings or income, Medicaid, or long term care insurance.  Medicare will pay for long term care only under limited circumstances, and for limited periods of time.

I am very knowledgable about long term care insurance, how it works, and the variations in the products on the market.
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