Kim C. Christensen                                                              
Certified Financial Planner    
Registered Investment Adviser        
Registered Investment Advisor
Kim Christensen - Services Offered

My training and experience cover the areas of expertise shown on the bottom of this page.  All services are FEE-ONLY.  I am a registered investment advisor with the State of Wyoming.

Financial Planning 

Financial planning is the intentional use of limited financial resources to accomplish short and long term goals and objectives carefully chosen from an unlimited number of alternatives.

A good financial plan is the heart of a good strategy for financial security and financial independence.  I always encourage people to start with a plan. 

Financial planning is generally done for a set rate once the complexity and scope of the planning project is known.  Initial consultations with new clients are complementary, and an advisory agreement, including the fee, will be set following this meeting.  The planning engagement can be a one time service, or it can be ongoing, based either on a retainer fee, or part of ongoing management of investment assets.  The terms of a continuing service relationship are negotiable.  Questions in between planning reviews are welcome, strongly encouraged, and part of the engagement. 

See my client brochure (Part 2 brochure under Registration Info) for details on fees and how I operate.

Investment Management

Investments are managed in a variety of ways, depending on the amount of assets under management and the complexity of your needs.  The most common investments will be done with exchange traded funds (ETF's) and/or mutual funds. 

Investment management fees are based either on a retainer, or on the amount of assets under management per my client brochure (Part 2 brochure under Registration Info), whichever works best for you. 

Qualified Plan Management

I can manage employer-provided qualified plans like 401K's and provide consulting services for employers on these plans.  See 401K Plans.


Consulting services by the hour are available for more specific needs.  For instance, evaluating your current investments, evaluating employer provided benefits, reviewing insurance needs and policies, etc.


I was a licensed insurance agent for 14 years, but surrendered my license in 2015.  I believe in the philosophy of fee-only financial planning, and I decided to embrace it.  I am very knowledgeable about life, disability, and long term care insurance, and know what is in your best interest.

The best way to evaluate your insurance needs is within the scope of a comprehensive financial plan.  However, if you feel that insurance is the only area that needs to be examined, I suggest doing it under a consulting agreement, in which your needs will be analyzed, and if appropriate, recommendations will be made to you using the best companies and products for your need.  The recommendations may use products that you can get through an insurance brokerage that represents many companies, or they may require going to a captive agency that only represents one company (like Northwestern Mutual, Mass Mutual, State Farm, Farmers, etc.), since the most appropriate products may only available through a captive agent.  You are free to use any agent or company that you like, and you may already have an agent that has served you well.  I have written more about insurance, what you need to know, and what to watch out for when working with agents.  (See related Insurance educational information.  You will learn a LOT about how the industry works, and how to protect yourself when shopping for insurance.)

Workshops & Seminars

I love to provide workshops and seminars.  I often do short presentations at no cost, for instance for medical residents and fellows, senior citizens groups, chambers of commerce, etc.  They can be very broad, or focused on a single topic. 

I can put on larger workshops for employers or churches that for an entire day, or over several days or weeks. 
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